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Our Smart Load Bank incorporates an Advanced Generator Monitoring (AGM) system. It allows for a seamless and complete condition analysis of your generator!





Smart AGM Load Banks will gather complete generator data and provide it back in a simple to read and react report.


Our AGM augments asset management by digitizing the dynamic behavior of your generator under different loads. Fundamental’s proprietary “Smart” load-bank automatically benchmarks generator condition through data and produces a simple to understand report.


Condition-based maintenance is introduced avoiding unexpected equipment failures through predictability of maintenance.

What makes Smart Load Banks
Why Test Smart
Why Do I need a Load Bank?

Why Do I Need A Load Bank?

Load banks are an important part of the testing and maintenance program for any industry because they ensure the proper running of equipment in the event of power outages.


Specifically, a Load Bank test can create a load similar to daily use and test a power source for running efficiency. By imitating the original load, there is no chance of random or unpredictable current. 


Load banks are a contained system unit that integrates both controls and accessories into one installed unit. The power source will supply the power, but the load bank uses this energy to protect and support the power source as well as test it.

The load resistors (load banks) are the most technically advanced, most reliable and cheapest way to perform load tests on electrical power sources and are used in a variety of applications such as:

  • Testing of prime power generator sets.

  • Periodic tests of stand-by generator sets.

  • UPS testing.

  • Battery testing.

  • Turbine testing.

They can be built in many designs such as:

  • Portable with Cam-Lok connectors, forklift pockets, lifting eyes, castors.

  • Stationary in a hard-wired design, pad mount, roof top style, radiator mount style.

  • Auto Load design to automatically sense the main load current draw and auto adjust the load bank accordingly to avoid damaging wet stacking of the generator.

What is a load bank

What Is A Load Bank?

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Why Test With A Smart Load Bank?

A Smart Load Bank with AGM (Advanced Generator Monitoring) capabilities can be added as an option to any style of load bank. 


Load bank innovation enables the testing of equipment under various loads and Fundamental’s proprietary technology (Advanced Generator Monitor (AGM) collects the data produced, benchmarks and files that condition for comparison to subsequent testing.


Automatically generated reports are created with easy to understand results that are highlighted in red (Problems detected), yellow (Caution) and green (All system go). If problems are detected, the areas of concern are listed so technicians can go directly to the source of the problems avoiding the process of elimination when troubleshooting generator issues. Therefore Fundamental’s Smart Load bank enables technicians to quickly glance at a generator’s condition, avoid costly breakdowns and plan maintenance based on generator condition.

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